map of massgrid
Address: UniCenter Mansion, BaoAn ,ShenZhen, tower B, 12F
Core Team Member
Ma GuoLin
After receiving his PH.D in The United States, Ma Guolin successfully brought several companies IPO in both China and the New York Stock Exchange. After his achievements, he is now traveling the world and developing passion projects as he goes.
Frank Lee
Frank Lee is one of the original Bitcoin gurus and has been in the cryptocurrency community since the beginning. Credited as the first miner to design BTC & LTC mining chip , his knowledge and experience in the industry is exceptional.
Huang Xiang
After co-founding and acting CTO of a sports game company, Huang is a highly skilled expert and experienced in software development & management. The depth and knowledge of his skill-set is essential for intuitive system design and integration.
Perry Lei
Full stack engineer and currently the CTO of a Xiao Mi ecosystem company, Perry Lei has over a decade’s worth of server side experience. In addition, he was also an early investor in cryptocurrency and mining as a hobby since 2012.
Liu Rui Hao
Liu RuiHao is an ACM award winner and algorithm researcher, He is specially expert at high performance parallel computing and p2p network. Liu and his team has helped several mining company deployed dozens of huge mining center across the world.
Alexandre Dupuis
Majored in Economics in 2012, Max has been involved in cryptocurrencies since its infancy. and was an early investor in several top exchange website and mining pools. Based in China since after 2012, he has also been involved in international business development for many years.
Foundation Member & consultant
Huo Ju
Huo is a technology pioneer and a famous tech column writer in China. He has deep insight in technology and attracted several million subscriber and half billion page views to his personal blog
Guo Hong Cai
One of the most famous investors in the Chinese cryptocurrency community. He is angel investor of Ethereum and multiple successful blockchain technology projects. Guo also funded several world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange websites.
Wang Dong
Wang is the CTO of a top financial company, he has 10 years of experience in developing large scale stock exchange systems. Wang is also the leader of a big tech team with more than 300 engineer. The system his team is running handles and processes tens of millions deals per day.
Yao Yong
Yao is the CEO of a successful game company located in Beijing. He has ten year experience in internet software and game development. Yao is also a 3D engine and parallel computing expert. He translated and published the famous tech bible “GPU Gems”.
Jason Ma
Jason used to work as a banker at Morgan Stanley. After several successful investment, Jason Ma moved to China and founded his own business. From there, he has pursued his own passions and interests, cryptocurrency and investments being at the top.